"Silo Effect" in development and testing

  • 20 min

"Silo Effect", literally, "silage effect" or "silo tower syndrome", is difficult to translate into other languages literally.

In our circle we call this the "Silo Effect". The idea of which is that in the large systems (for various reasons) there are information barriers between different subsystems, both architectural (testing of different functional blocks) and structural (development and testing). These subsystems are separated by a barrier, as if "in a bunker", "in a tank" from the rest subsystems. Moreover, this has consequences for both sides because everyone has no access to information on the other side of the barrier.

In my talk, I want to talk about this effect for those who have not heard of it before and show how we can use it to make the interaction easier for those who know about the existence of this effect firsthand.

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