Variations of test driven development: involving testers to the process

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There are a lot of lines written about different approaches and methodologies of testing and development. Classic is always good, it is tested and honed on a variety of projects. The new tendencies allow us to be in a trend, move and develop following the new market requirements. But what if you do not always manage to act out of the box, as written in the textbook? There is no a universally accepted recipe for success. There is no a universal approach to testing that will suit any team and any project.

I'll tell you how we developed our "development through testing" with the testers involvement, which advantages it brought to the whole team and the project as a whole and what difficulties we had to face. This is not a universal recipe. It is not the "do as we" instruction. This is just an illustration of how you can develop your own "recipe for success."

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