Component-container approach in UI automation

  • 40 min

Currently, it is very popular to use the decomposition of a page into components and isolate them into separate entities. The test connects the steps to interact with the component, and it is used in isolation from the page. On media projects in a company, web developers use a set of components and collect application pages from them. We use the same approach in automation. The talk proposes to consider the page as a container of components, in UI tests to use not isolated components, but to use them as part of the page. In terms of architecture, we get more structured tests. This will allow you to verify the integration of the component in the container (page) during the component validation phase.

We will also talk in more detail about the principle of the component's validator, its structure, and the architectural solutions that we use successfully, and which can be used on any project. This talk will be useful for beginning and advanced automation specialists.

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