How we can test a robot – home helper

  • 40 min

In this talk will be presented approaches to software testing for Nao – anthropomorphic robot. This robot is usually used for scientific researchers. We developed a program of the home helper. When a person calls a thing, the robot should come to the defined thing, pick up it and bring to the person. In the future, this program might be used as a programmed helper for seniors and bed-ridden patients.


We defined 3 main principles for the robot testing:

  1. Dialog testing. The main purpose is to test, how the robot understands voice commands from different people with any noises conditions.
  2. Environment orientation testing. The main purpose is to define, how Nao analyses images from its cameras, to combine those data with data from robot sonar and to test how a trajectory to the main purpose subject creates.
  3. Pick up things testing. The main purpose is to define how far the robot is stable, which things form it can pick up and how long it will be able to hold them. 
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