Manual and Automated Accessibility Implementation

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  • 40 min

Reduce manual efforts by 70% provides ROI and quicker feedback by test automation of Accessibility workflows with an integration of Selenium & HTML code sniffer Enhancing customer base by enabling applications accessible to leads including differently abled/ having special needs and abide by WCAG

• I would like to concentrate on 4 principles mainly ( POUR - perceivable, operable, understandable, Robust) and 12 guidelines of Text alternatives by providing alt attributes, Time based media by proving captions, Adaptable by all assistive technologies like screen readers/magnifiers, Distinguishable, Keyboard accessible

• This paper describes manual testing by reviewing HTML code and automated Accessibility techniques using evaluation tools like Voice over, AXE, HTML code sniffer, WAVE, A checker, W3c Mobile ok analyser, colour contrast analyser useful for developers and QA within their automated scripts

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