The Expert test manager - Why You Cannot Become One and What Follows from This
  • 40 min

What is the talk about? 

Which tester does not dream of becoming a leader, preferably ideal? I have two news for you: good and bad. A good one - to become a test-manager really, and there are various options for developing you as a test manager. A bad one - to be an ideal is impossible, but as Adizes says about the manager, "you can polish the edges of your personal effectiveness and be effective in one, maximum - in two areas." 

Why should you come to the talk? 

  • A look at the test management from various perspectives: Rex Black's book "The expert test manager", Adizes "The Ideal Executive", Henry Neave "The Deming dimension," and others. 
  • My personal experience and not just a "retelling" of books (albeit very valuable ones). 
  • Plan what to do next in your growth as the test manager
For whom is this talk? 
The talk is addressed to test-leaders, test-managers, and testers who want to see a little more than a step forward.
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