How to automate visual testing of Web Applications - look & feel

  • 40 min

My overarching goal is to demonstrate how we can use Visual Testing to improve the quality of applications and to reduce the time spent on manual review of an interface’s appearance. Using Visual Testing with functional tests (e.g. Selenium WebDriver) gives us a very good picture not only of an application’s behaviour but also of its appearance and how it evolves over time. These tests can be implemented in Continuous Integration along with other test groups (functional, non-functional), which gives us the potential for quick verification and reaction to very small, even imperceptible changes in the user interface. Another benefit is that the tools present in a very clear and direct manner the areas that have changed or moved in reference to our base image.  The objective of my presentation is to interest the audience in the subject of Visual Testing and to encourage it to introduce these tests in their project.

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