Economics of Software Testing. Version 1.0

  • 40 min

It is well known that exhaustive software testing is impossible. However, there are statements about testing completion, although testing can’t be completed, and acceptance testing criteria are economic, rather technological. So testing differs from, for example, development.

The message consider in detail Version 1.0, the main activities are:

  • We build restrictions and plan activities
  • We estimate the labour costs for testing
  • We justify the assessment, show its realism and effectiveness
  • We work in accordance with the plan and evaluation

The message also briefly describes main Version 2.0 features - use reasonable work effort effectively by analysing:

  • What test cases are needed (and whether they are needed)
  • What test data are needed
  • What testers are needed - little strong (but expensive) or many weak (but inexpensive)
  • What kind of automation (and if at all) is needed, tools, coverage
  • Etc.

Investments in labour costs are still returning (ROI), but the goal is efficiency (maximum of benefits)

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