Easy Guideline for the four colours of every team!
  • 40 min

There are 4 personalities in your team!
Prepare yourself, this will change your way of communication forever.

  • Get to know yourself!

In the first part, I will introduce you to these 4 colours of energy and how to easily recognise them with words, actions, by their working desks and out of office emails. Once you know more, you will finally find out:
a. What is your real value for a team?
b. How do you behave in your good mood?
c. How do you behave when you are stressed out? And how does it influence your team?

  • Get to know your team!

We will focus on 5 nightmares of each team leader and how to make them understandable for all personalities.

We will focus on topics:
a. How to communicate a change?
b. How to give feedback? 
c. How to motivate and which tasks to give to your team members?
d. How to write a meeting invitation to get all the people (personalities) at a meeting?
e. How to lead a meeting where everyone gets what they want?

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