Buzzword Driven Management

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Continuation of the report: 

We examine the patterns of different demonstrations of management and discuss what the tester can and should do there.

Examples of the patterns:

  • The manager-chameleon takes the point of view, which is popular now among everybody. It seems to everyone that he supports them and everything is going well. At first.
  • The cuckoo-manager likes to come up with ideas, and give them to someone else for implementation. If something is hatched in the end, then this is his idea, and if not, this is an off-kilter implementation of stupid performers.
  • The squirrel-manager shoves tasks to the first comer. Some of them lead to success unexpectedly.
  • The seagull-manager: flew in, yelled, soiled, flew away. (c) Sergey Berezhnoy
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