Fields of responsibility for QA Engineer

  • 40 min

QA-engineer does not exist alone on a project: he is always surrounded by a team that brings diversity to his work life with entirely different tasks. These may be tasks from project managers, questions from analysts, developers, designers, and other communications.

Sometimes, the amount of information from different sides can explode a head. It is not always possible to understand at what point you should stop and think about how to proceed. It is often the case that areas of responsibility between team members can intersect and it would be great to understand where the boundaries lie between "No, this is not a task for testing" and real QA-responsibility.

This talk is about such situations and ways on how to respond to external inquiries. It will be useful for QA- engineers as well as for QA-leads who want to facilitate the distribution of external tasks among members of the QA-team.

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