Lead developers taught me how to write automated tests

  • 40 min

Our automated tests system is better than yours, because it is made by team of 10+ experienced developers. And those are not autotesters, but real developers of product under test.

In such team, tester does not need to do manual regression - regression is fully covered by automated tests.

In such team, QA specialist does not need to find 1.000.000 bugs. Actually, he is expected to prove, that the product is working correctly. And prove it quickly. That's why our developers don't miss trivial defects. QA engineers seek only for complicated flaws and write as much automated tests, as they want.

If all testers leave team, tests will stay green, tests still will be used and written.

Sadly, tests can be unstable. For 2700 Selenium tests, 0-5 tests fail at each test run due to instabilities. Whole team participates in stabilizing tests.

I will present, what testers do to agree with development team on such terms.

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