Santanu Ray

Automatically re-execute failure test cases during Regression Testing

During regression testing, we observed many times test cases failed due to some environmental issues and not able to send a request on time or maybe not received a response on time. Because of those all subsequent test cases failed which are dependent on that test case. 

This talk is about creating a mechanism which will try to re-execute those test case again in the same test-run. The number of retry attempts is also configurable as far as the time properties (delay time, etc.). 

The approach which is planned to be considered can be useful to save time in the following cases:

1. Time to prepare test data for the case itself as far as for the test-run in general;

2. Execution duration in general

3. Time needed for the Log-analyzing and reporting

Moreover, this approach can also be useful to prevent a fake bugs creation, cause it has a simple but effective execution data validator...which can lead you as a sort of "Fool protection"...

Wanna more! See you at SQA Days then!

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)


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