Testing in the life of the project: the irrevocable benefits of early involment of testers

  • 20 min

In the talk, I want to tell you about my attitude to the involvement of the testing team at various stages of the project and to show why I think this is useful.

In one of the articles on Habrahabr website, I met a correct idea: “The key to successful project management is to find a balance between the costs of product development and its quality.” And my goal is to achieve the required quality without overstating costs.

I often met the idea that you can save on testing by involving testers at the very end of work on a project or a stage. But the later involvement does not bring savings: neither at an outsource, nor at the product direction.

I will share my experience of early involvement of the testing team, my implementation of this activity and show the benefits we have received.

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