Bartłomiej Bugajny
Objectivity, Wroclaw

How to implement Lean approach in Software Testing

The Lean philosophy is mainly derived from the Toyota Production System (TPS). It focuses on the reduction of "seven wastes" in order to increase the value for the client, as it is a method of improving processes in the company
Do you rely on predefined steps each time you run regression tests? Do you also use intuition and domain knowledge?

We want to know how we tested, but it does not mean that we should test the same next time. This is a message about what I have done, not information about what needs to be done. It used to be my best ideas, but you can have better ... use it! When starting your tests use the mind map and write out all the ideas that come to your mind. Thanks to this approach you will see a clear difference between your ideas (which can be reused) and test procedures that are interesting but should not be repeated again.

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