Mexican passions about middle-specialists
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Often we are faced with a situation where middle-specialists are needed in a company. Specialists who, on the one hand, will not require many hours of immersion and training, and on the other hand, they will not avoid routine in search of research tasks and growth.

And, interestingly, on one very popular job search resource, I noticed an unusual distribution of candidates' CVs:

Junior ~ 40k 

Middle ~ 700 

Senior ~ 760k 

No, this is not a typo, the market oversaturated with seigneurs and senoritas, while you can’t find confident middling with a fire in the afternoon. 

What is it, a consequence of the effect of Daning-Kruger, the transience of life of the middle or the difficulties of self-determination? Where to look for such employees, how to reveal their “true level” and make the right choice? In my story, I will try to find answers. 

The talk will be useful both to those who are in search of people to join their team and to those who are in search of themselves.

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