Johan Steyn
IQbusiness South Africa, Johannesburg

Buying and Selling QA Services: essential principles

For more than a decade, I was involved with global consulting firms and at the forefront of their efforts to sell Software Testing and Quality services to their clients. I also had a very beneficial opportunity to work for one of my large clients as Testing/QA vendor manager. Having been involved in both the selling and procurement of QA services has given me a unique perspective on the commercial and contractual process of landing large-scale client engagements.

Every software Tester/QA consultant is involved in the sales process, whether you realise it or not. As a representative of a vendor organisation, you are at the forefront of project delivery in your client projects. Your professionalism and expertise may just help your vendor sell more deals. And, we are all, always involved in selling ourselves.

Audience level
Regular Talk (1 h 30 min)


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