The thorny path of searching for causes of bugs in web applications

  • 20 min

QA engineers often have a question: how deep you should search for the causes of bugs? Describe only the steps of a bug in UI or find out the exact reasons why the bug has appeared.

My answer is that you need to provide developers with the most detailed information about the bug, spending an optimal amount of time for searching. To accomplish this, QA engineers should know much more than the functionality of the system.

  • Not sure how the system works from the inside, and perform only UI testing?

  • Developers return bugs with the resolution "not reproduced"?

  • Not working with the database?

  • Frontend developers spend their time searching for the causes of the bug that turns out to be on the backend side?

If you are familiar with these questions, then welcome to my presentation. On the real examples, I will demonstrate to you how the causes of bugs can be found out and what technical skills you need.

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