Automation routine - increase the efficiency of people

  • 40 min

Muda is one of the Japanese words that means waste, waste, that is, any activity that consumes resources but does not create value.

If you look at the work of QA, then very quickly there are things that are the very Muda, for example:

  • losses of time due to waiting;
  • losses due to unnecessary actions;
  • losses due to erroneous actions;
  • losses due to unnecessary stages.

Instead of effective work, it turns out that people are just waiting for something or setting up their hands for a very long time.

This is especially noticeable when new employees work.

We try to automate all things where:

  • the human factor is possible (mistakes, inattention, inexperience);
  • all that is not pleasant and not interesting to do;
  • everything that takes too much time in manual mode.

In the talk, I will tell you what things we have automated, why and how. The talk is not about test automation, it’s about work automation.

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