STAR/AR on interview. Do's and Dont's

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I believe that many of us in some or another way participate in the interviews, or when looking for a job, or when looking for colleagues. 

Sometimes it is even successfully, and sometimes the success goes after us from both sides. 

In the talk, I would like to consider one of the patterns for questioning, and also for answering questions, in the context of interviews of testers and test leads. 

We will have a look at how it works, what can be taken and used during the job discussion. What fails I managed to collect when I just heard about it and started using it without thinking (or too wisely). 

I sincerely want you, listeners, to be able to leave the talk with an understanding of this pattern, and with some hits & tricks on how to conduct an interview and answer the things differ from a guessing quiz: what a bug is, testing, etc.

The talk will be useful for junior interviewers and for interviewee.

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