RCA. Hammer and bright future

  • 40 min

After release, we need to investigate lessons learnt to avoid the same issue next time. 

We need to conduct analysis to get answers. We can expedite analysis if we categorize data. 

In the talk, I will show you:

  • How we performed the root cause analysis. How we improved this process. 
  • How this analysis makes changes in our processes. 
  • How statistics are changed after implementation. 
  • How we found gaps. 
  • What kind of improvements have been declined and why.

We will consider how this data can help us to perform negotiations with a customer. What kind of data from the root cause analysis results can be used for.

During my talk, I will show the full system on how any issue could be sorted out and what kind of changes in a process and skills can be considered as an improvement for bright future. 

It's a very simple system and everybody can use it for analysis. Also, I will show the common examples of what kind of improvements was implemented and what kind of effect we have got.

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