Codeless automation tools: in the seek of the best testing solution

  • Easy
  • 40 min

Test automation is a powerful tool for reducing testing time, decreasing the probability of a human mistake and increasing test coverage of a product. More and more test engineers learn to write and read code to bring the benefits of test automation into their teams, companies and products.

But what shall we do if no one from the QA team knows any programming language and has no possibility to study it? 

How can a junior QAs get closer to the test automation tools if they are not ready to dive into reading and writing code?

How to build a working system of end-to-end tests in a short period of time?

The possible answer is codeless testing tools. In this talk, we will get familiar with some of these tools, see what they can and can't do, review several popular instruments and think of possible pros and cons of these solutions. I also will share my experience of using some of them and will show a simple example of how QAs can use such tools from the scratch to improve the product quality.

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