How to make manual testers write autotests

  • Easy
  • 20 min

A few years ago, we launched our own  UI automated testing system, which operates on the principle of a recorder. Over time, the system has grown and began to check not only the interface but also many other things (graphics, performance, etc.). The volume of functionality that needs to be covered by autotests has grown in geometric progression. From this situation, the idea was born to distribute the autotests record to manual testers, each in their own field. 

We reasoned like the following: if testers write excellent scripts for manual testing, it will be enough for them to record the same scripts by a recorder and everything will be fine. But it doesn't work that way, in total we have got an explosive mix of a black box, manual testers and autotests.

In my talk, I will tell you about the problems that we have faced in the process of transferring the autotests recording process to manual testers, how they have been solved and what we got in total.

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