Ghost in the Machine - A Guide to Managing Remote Test Teams

  • 40 min

Globally distributed software teams are no longer just a trend, they are industry commonplace. Creating these teams allows companies to lower their costs, and to develop and provide support around the clock. While this seems like a great idea at a high level, the complicated nature of managing the test effort for remote teams can be quite daunting. If Test Managers barely have enough time to dedicate to their local team, how can they support their remote teams properly? 

Join Matthew as he tells an epic tale about a journey exploring 4 key areas to successfully managing remote test teams. Re-explore forgotten concepts in the management of remote testing teams and local teams. These approaches go far beyond status reports and check-ins. Learn how to utilise your test tooling best and apply test techniques to accelerate your virtual teams towards improved efficiency, accountability, and productivity. While your team might be a half a world away from you, it does not have to feel that way!

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