Testing Infinity - Terms of Use

  • 40 min

The talk consists of two sections. 

Section #1 explains testing economy approaches discussed at SQA Days-24 and SQA Days-25 conferences. The connection of this topic with the test efforts estimations, testing risks and priorities and "quality cost" concept is shown. The linearity of the technological point of view on testing and increasing the testing flexibility using attracting the economic realities is provided. The extended cases illustrated the differences between versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the testing economy are demonstrated.  Focused attention that version 2.0 appears only when version 1.0 is already available, but we decide to work efficiently rather than a plan and estimations.

Section #2 is devoted to methods of obtaining testing knowledge and skills. Explaining the updated concept of Luxoft training centre, training needs, scope and process are considered as well as process audits services and other Luxoft training centre advantages.

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