Who's afraid of the big bad AI?
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  • 40 min

Our tester job needs to adapt to modern society and to the progress in technology. We more and more see the emergence of AI in the testing business and testers start to worry about their job. Will AI steal it? Are we (testers) already has-been now that we see AI emerging in tools, and everyday life technologies? 

My presentation will desecrate the AI and put it in the right context. It will also explain, with many examples, why AI is not yet ready to replace testers (and will probably never be). It will also put the focus of major human qualities and skills and why they are essential to testing software.

I will also focus on why releasing AI with no proper guidelines and safety nets might be dangerous and why a human point of view is essential...A tester's journey between 1984, Brave New World in our present time.

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