How to test services and not bother anyone in the conditions of integration

  • 20 min
“We need a tool for offline (without external dependencies) testing of our web services, which will work under the following conditions: 
1 - several teams work simultaneously on the test stand, so we can’t give the stand completely only to you; 
2 - we cannot disable integration even during testing; 
3 - we will not show you the sources of the tested software; 
4 - we would still need statistics on the work of services. ” 
We encountered such interesting testing conditions on our project. 

As part of my talk, I will tell you what kind of solution we implemented, how we came to the construction of our own stand for offline testing and what we got at the exit. I’ll also compare it with a ready-made open-source tool that is great for offline testing of web services. Well, of course, there will be a little practice of testing web services. 

Am I interested you? Come, it will be interesting and informative!
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