Key Testing Metrics

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Before the talk, I highly recommend reading Goldratt’s books "Haystack Syndrome" and "Goal-1". The material is complex without a preliminary study of the base. On a three-point scale of complexity, this material is about five.

For seed, I’ll give a list of metrics that can be measured in principle. As the talk will show, this is the road to nowhere.

1. A number of bugs found. 

- In general 

- By time 

- Per-user 

- Only critical for the software functionality 

2. The number of reports from the customer/client.

3. Time spent on testing of the next delivery.

4. The number of tests that were successful or not successful.

5. Percentage of code coverage (“What can I get from tracking this indicator?”).

6. Percentage of test coverage of requirements. 

7. The number of software failures over a period of time.

8. The number of elements that the tester clicked (covered by manual testing). 

9. The number of re-opened tasks for testing. 

This list is more informational noise than information.

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