DevOps tools are not only for DevOps. Building test automation infrastructure from scratch.

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I am going to share my experience in the context of test automation infrastructure building. You can find a lot of sources about DevOps tools and how to use it, but I would like to apply this specifically for test automation goals. I guess a lot of QA automation guys faced problems when tests are created, but nobody runs it, and nobody cares about it except you. As a result, tests become outdated and we waste of time for fixing. Especially at the beginning of a career, it is a complex task to realize what exactly should be used to run tests, how to set it up and maintain. Some people ask DevOps for help, and I can’t say that it doesn’t work. In a lot of cases, you don’t have other options as you can’t see all dependencies. But as we know, DevOps are really busy guys and automation testing is not a priority at all.Getting your job done end-to-end without dependencies speeds up the process, increases your skills and allows you to see the big picture.

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