Involving developers in autotesting

  • 40 min

A lot of developers and a minimum of testers - is this a familiar picture for you? Sooner or later, two problems arise with this approach: 

  1. New functionality or bug fixes begin accumulating in the QA task pool. Developers are periodically stagnant.
  2. Testers have very little time left to develop autotests. Most of the work with the code is occupied by fixing existing tests, which broke during the latest functionality changes already covered by tests.

One of the options, in this case, is to hire more testers and increase resources - add a couple of new environments so that testers can work on different features in parallel (however, this option is quite expensive). The second, more budgetary way out, which we will consider, is developers' involvement in ensuring the quality of the product, namely, the inclusion of tasks for developing end-to-end tests for them in the feature creation plan.
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