Essential skills are the new Black!

  • 40 min

I believe you are quite familiar with the Hard-skills and Soft-skills idea. There are a lot of successfully created competency models exist that used to raise the skills. Everything was fine until IT became the true VUCA. Yes, the brave new world's description is well known, but everybody could feel the difference in 2020. 

Things that were desirable skills of a specialist for successful work is becoming mandatory in modern life. The classic description of Hard&Soft to grow our professional skills is not enough. 

I want to invite you to the talk for the Essential-skills (fundamental skills) concept discussion, how the transition from Hard&Soft skills to Essential skills occurs. 

Experienced managers could look at how Essential skills are manifested, what these skills give and will be able to take into account when forming their competency models. New professionals will be able to reconsider their development beyond the classic Hard& Soft-skills model.

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