Test Debt Reduction in QA Teams to Improve Software Testing Process
  • 40 min

Similar to the "technical debt" concept in software development projects, several "test debts" were identified, and some reduction/elimination methods were applied for them in regards to Siemens MindSphere QA project. There have been important improvements in both technical and process side. 

Key Takeaways from this talk: 

  • Similarities and differences between "technical debt" and "test debt" concepts. 
  • The introduction of several test debts aligns with some fields in software testing, such as test design, test quality, manual testing, test automation, test life cycle, defect management, test team competence, test quality, and testing tools. 
  • Examples of test debt reduction/elimination methods and solutions. 
  • Future extensions on the test debt concept and possible application areas.
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