Secure your devices to Secure your Data
  • 40 min

IoT testing challenge is unforeseen as it is testing the experience and not the testing of an experiment. The user has to use it and experience it to test it. As it involves a lot of data, the biggest challenge in IoT testing is to secure data. Security testing and analysis are a pain for most industries, and they often face embarrassment over lack of security. 

In this talk, I will try to expose the vulnerabilities that the IoT devices have.

I will highlight the primary reasons that can be:

1. IoT devices are prone to manipulations and can be attacked for data.

2. Lack of common security standards that can be applied to all IoT devices in general

3. Lack of dedicated Test suite that can perform the security testing

I will explain why we have adopted a layered structure for this testing and how can we reap benefits in testing IoT devices for securing. This layered structure has enabled to test of any IoT device, and the modular structure will help to run different types of tests.  

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