Experience and prejudice

  • 40 min

I have been working in testing for more than 9 years, and now I'm a Senior Test Engineer in a large IT company. Active participation in conferences and company projects allows me to interact with other testers, see their successes, problems and solutions. As my experience grew, I began to fall into various mental traps, but I learned to spot them after a while. These traps make you act in a patterned way, hang anchors and set yourself up for the same outcome despite different inputs in similar situations. This leads to a shrinking radius of vision until it becomes zero, so we have a point of view on which we blindly stand, which in turn ends up missing bugs and losing product quality.

In my talk, I will consider the traps I have fallen into myself or noticed in others, and I will share techniques that help me sidestep dangerous judgements and look more broadly at issue at hand. 

Come along. It will be useful!

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