Testing of ARkit & ARCore
  • 40 min

Simple augmented reality demonstrations no longer surprise anyone. QR codes have been printed on beverage cans for years. And people catching Pokémon in the centre of the city have become commonplace.

Have you ever wondered what the limits of augmented reality technology are? Is it possible to use the Kremlin instead of a QR code? Or draw a Pokémon exactly around the corner of a building?

On our Augmented City project, I had the opportunity to test ARCore and ARKit very closely. I walked around narrow streets and wide squares with my AR phone. During the day, in the evening and even at night. In rain and snow.

In the talk, I will tell you what the strengths and weaknesses of these technologies are. What the limits of applicability are. What the accuracy is. And of course, what are the main issues and bugs =)

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