How to justify a usability bug without quibbling and subjectivity

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  • 40 min

Many teams have an unspoken rule: assign a low priority to the Usability bug and throw it in the backlog. 
Even if the tester still decides to issue such a bug, the team may react negatively or start a dispute about where it will be correct to place the button. 
This situation demotivates testers to create bug reports in Jira. And even if the page is inconvenient, incomprehensible and ugly, it is still easier to keep silent. 
In most cases, the problem is the poor explanation of the impact of the bug. 

In my talk, I will tell you: 
  • Why your bug report about usability was thrown into the backlog again.
  • What does "inconvenient" mean, and how does it affect business.
  • How to justify a Usability problem with numbers and best practices.

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