QA processes from the scratch
  • 40 min

Imagine you are the only QA in the whole organization, and you have jumped from a company full of QA processes and specialists, and now there are none in your current company. No other QA specialists and no processes; there is only yourself as a QA. 

Company stakeholders are full of hope that you will establish good quality processes; developers are more than happy because you will take the testing work, which was an additional responsibility for them and took the time that could be spent on developing. Designers finally have someone who will double-check UI/UX beforehand. Everything is cool, everyone is super excited, as you are! 

But wait, how to set up both processes and manage daily testing work? How to manage multitasking when you can not delegate any of your work to anyone? How to handle QA engineer and QA manager responsibilities without going crazy and without overtime working?

Keep calm and don’t worry, cause we are going to figure it out together ;) 

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