SDET: how to grow and not lose

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  • 40 min

I will tell you who SDETs are and where they came from, why the demand for SDETs is high, and there are few vacancies in domestic search engines. 

You will find out what tasks the SDET performs and what the difference is between a functional, automated tester and an SDET. Why the role of an SDET is promising and working as an SDET is no less attractive than as a developer. You will learn what skills you need to develop to become an SDET.

I will tell you why large companies need SDETs and startups do not. I will tell you about how to grow an SDET within the company, about the fiasco of the first automation school, what mistakes we have made and how we will not make them again. You will find out how long it takes to upgrade a functional tester to an SDET and what the prospects for his further career growth are. Using the example of a company, I will tell you where SDETs go and how to keep them in testing.

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