A guide to implementing test automation when you' re an ordinary QA engineer
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  • 40 min

When communicating with colleagues and friends involved in software testing, very often I hear questions like "How to take the first steps in test automation?".

For many of us, this question remains without a confident answer. As a result, we can see a growing fear of taking the first but perhaps the most important steps to testing automation and drastically saving resources and time. 

In my talk, I want to share the most important and simple steps for introducing test automation into your daily work. We will talk about: How to start writing autotests within a week after the appearance of such an idea; How to sell the idea of ​​the usefulness of automation to management; How to write tests from day one that will not only make your life easier but will also be highly maintainable in the future!

The talk will be especially interesting for QA engineers for whom manual regression seems to be an unacceptable waste of time.

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