The Road to Test Automation in SuperJob: Tools, Problems, and Solutions

  • 40 min

The transition from manual to automated testing does not always happen at the snap of a finger. It hides behind itself the agony of choosing the right tools, rebuilding team processes and other pitfalls, especially when 1.5 million people use the service every day, with more than 40 million CVs in the database and around 100,000 active employers.

We came to UI automation about four years ago. In my talk, I will tell you about the main challenges we faced, the choice of tools, how we trained employees and set up processes in the team, and what bonuses automation has brought us.

The testing department is responsible for ensuring the quality of the SuperJob service on all platforms: Web, Mobile Web, iOS and Android. We decided to start automation with the Web, and it is the subject of this talk.

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