Test case-as-code BDD, or management of manual and automatic tests

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As a test strategy on one of the projects, we decided to have a single storage location for autotests and manual tests. This would reduce the lag between manual and autotests, have a picture of the overall coverage, and set up a version control system. To implement this approach, we chose Gherkin as the formal language. The process of describing test scenarios in such a way is called BDD (Behavior Driven Development). 

It's clear when running autotests - they are launched in CI, and a report on the run and analysis is generated. With manual tests, however, the question arose: "How can we manage their execution? 

We used the TestRail test management system on the project. The team decided that it would be convenient to have test cases written in Gherkin in TestRail. This is needed to create and manage test runs habitually. So the GherkinSyncTool utility was written, which synchronizes the scripts from the feature files with TestRail or any other TMS.

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