Cross-teams interaction in QA: from chaos to order via TMS
  • 40 min

Imagine: your cozy QA team of 10 people is used to utilizing old school Excel spreadsheets for hundreds of test cases. And six months later, there are already 50 QA engineers scattered in different cities. Your teams multiply, and the regression, as it used to take a week, still does - or worse, it has doubled. Also, you need to somehow link thousands of requirements, test cases and bugs so that nothing gets lost!

How to improve the interaction of remote employees?

How to ensure transparency and clarity of processes?

How can you reduce the cost of routine tasks and shorten release cycles?

We will answer these questions using the example of the Video surveillance project in RTK-IT and other teams. The report will be presented by Viktor Raev, Head of Development Department at Test IT (14 years in QA), and Mikhail Dyuzhev, Head of Testing Department at Rostelecom (11 years in QA)

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