Brand new JS Driver on Java Fast and Kiss

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There are a large number of different frameworks in the world right now, but time is of the essence. 

I want to offer you a new framework that rethinks the best of what's currently on the market and neatly integrates it into itself. 

JS Driver is written in Java (the world's most popular programming language) and supports the rich Selenium/Webdriver infrastructure. 

JS Driver is all about JavaScript speed, simplicity and reliability of execution. 

JS Driver is Kiss-style (Selenide/JdiTalk) handy wrappers - low threshold, simple and easy to write tests. 

JS Driver is detailed logs and beautiful reports out of the box. 

JS Driver is the high flexibility of the framework and customization for any project. 

JS Driver supports beautiful and user-friendly PageObjects with a rich collection of elements (JDI Light) and JS Driver. And it is absolutely free. 

Join the future of automation now!

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