The team as a stakeholder: How communicating with the team helps us develop our testing
  • 40 min

In the talk, I will tell you about how communication with the team and collecting their expectations helps us understand the development points of testing. I will show what insights we stumbled upon and what we changed in our work due to the fact that we asked the opinion of colleagues. 

Our team is very concerned about the evaluation of what we do. We have many business metrics that show how processes change after the introduction of a new feature. We are attentive to the feedback of our users, we collect all the bugs from production and analyse their causes. But this is not enough. A very large amount of information about the quality of the product settles in the team itself. That's why we decided it is necessary to ask the development team as testing consumers and discuss their pains. Thanks to the collected information and its analysis, we decide that the success of testing depends on the happiness of the team.

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