You are not alone. QA Engineer Burnout
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Many of us may not even understand that we are already on stage 3 or 4 of burnout. 

When we agree to a specific position and salary, we must also realize how long we agree to these conditions. 

People are divided into people of novelty and similarity. Some people can work 30-40 years on one job and be happy. They do similar things, and they are less susceptible to burnout. 

But QA is more often attended by people ready for change, development and growth.

They all differ in their growth rate. Someone gets bored after 3-6 months - for them, changing teams every six months is a comfortable case. For someone, it is more comfortable to grow up in the same team and take on more responsibilities, and such a transfer can cause burnout. 

To dig deeper, we will bring up the topic of values and goals for each of us.

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