Flutter QA or how to tame mobile cross-platform

  • 40 min

The idea of ​​cross-platform applications has haunted IT specialists for many years. We often hear about various cross-platform development frameworks, but there is little mention of testing.

What if you were offered to test such an app tomorrow? And it would have to work immediately for both ios and android.

How to test? What problems can be encountered and how to solve them? How then to apply the experience in testing a native application? So many questions and so few answers!

In the report, I will answer these questions using the example of testing a cross-platform application on Flutter. You will learn:

  • features of cross-platform testing;

  • cross-platform lifehacks for native mobile apps: QA screen, styles, permissions and more;

  • about parallel releases in the App Store, Play Market and App Gallery;

  • troubleshooting in cross-platform testing

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