Testability - how to make software easy for testing
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Everyone wants to produce quality software. To do this, companies hire testers. But sometimes, testers are unable to influence quality due to some limitations. They can't write good autotests, build a locator to push a button, don't know where to get test data. I hold the view that quality needs to be built into the developers themselves, into the processes, into the software.

In this talk, I want to tell you how to improve quality and make the software more testable, increase the efficiency of the tester's work, and remove a number of limitations.

Why should testers go to the talk: 

  • You will learn how you can change the way of things and make your work more comfortable. 
  • You will learn what you can demand from development to make your autotests easier to write and without kludge. 
Why do you need to show the talk to developers: 
  • Testers need help, and to help, you need to know what can be done? 
  • Only the developer's hands can build quality into an application.
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