QA Thinker. Why is such important to learn business and customers specificity?

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Not long ago, during a conversation with a mentee, I voiced that it is important for me to learn: 

  • the business we are automating; 
  • the goal or problem we are solving with our automation; 
  • the users of our product. 
The guys were surprised that I, as the person who is responsible for quality and not for analysis of a business, was interested in the business. We got into a dialogue where we discussed case studies. 
This dialogue led to the assumption that perhaps not everyone knows how useful to know the business, what benefits we will get, basing our work as QA, tester, QA lead, looking at our tasks through the prism of business. 
By the way, my mentees saw the benefit for themselves and understood what new facets such knowledge opens up when solving QA tasks. 
Now I want to share my thoughts and examples that will confirm the need to know the business and show what we will get from this knowledge: growth as an expert, new tests, detection of critical bugs for users.
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