A quick start in Gherkin for Manual QA

  • 40 min

BDD is an extremely holy war topic. Many QA professionals are repulsed by even vacancies that mention it. However, if it's prepared and presented correctly, this is a great way to pass the job of writing and maintaining tests to the functional testing team. 

In the talk, I'll focus on the test management processes, challenges, and fears that go along with introducing Gherkin into the day-to-day work of Manual QA. 

I will cover: 

  • how to break away from zero and automate a critical amount of regression,
  • how to overcome your dislike of the Gherkin dialect,
  • how to “present” it all to Manual QA. 

I will show you the architecture in pictures, which layers a framework should consist of, and examples of good/bad tests. I will also tell what features we have added to the standard Gherkin code style to speed up test writing (custom variables, DSL to access any UI, etc).
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