Quality or productivity?

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Remember how expensive were missed software bugs 12 years ago? This is understandable: Releases were not that often, it was difficult to deploy a hotfix, and updates were a nightmare for the users. Twelve years ago, the task of the QA department was to reduce the likelihood of a bug in production to a minimum. But time passed, releases became more frequent, and the downtime during the update tended to zero.

With the advent of the DevOps culture, everything has changed: maximum automation, multiple releases per day, seamless updates for services and automatic updates for applications. Now the task of any engineering team is to be efficient: fast, scalable, automated.

Has the cost of a mistake gone down? Is it possible to speed up without losing quality? And if not, then “how much quality” can be conceded in favour of efficiency? In the talk, Artem Eroshenko will tell you about how to find answers to these questions.

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